X Home Bar - Free‏ For iPhone | Convert Android To Iphone‏

X Home Bar - Free‏ For iPhone
  5- X Home Bar - Free‏ For iPhone
X Home Bar - Free‏ For iPhone

Want to feel like you go the last iPhone X or replace a broken home button?

This app adds an iPhone X lookalike home button at the bottom of your screen.

This new home button is very simple. Just swipe up, left or right to launch a selected action.

X Home Bar - Free‏ For iPhone
Watch the video step by step how to convert
 Android to iPhone system

Watch the video step by step how to convert Android to iPhone system

The available actions are:
_Recent apps
_Pull down notification panel

/!\ If your device has a navigation bar (Home, Back and Recent apps buttons) on the screen, the button will be above the navigation bar! /!\

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
The only administrator policy used is \"force-lock\" and it is used to lock the device when the user has done the selected action.

Permission :
_Read Phone State => Needed (and only used) to load applications list because of some manufacturers limitations.
_Write Internal Storage => Save screenshots in the device.

This app uses Accessibility services.\n\nAccessibility services are used to start several actions (start multi-task, pull down notification panel, pull down quick settings, open power menu, simulate back). These actions can help people that need to use their phone with only one hand to start actions that are not easy to do with only one hand (for example pull down notifications). Accessibility services are only used to these actions.

iOS devices.

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X Home Bar - Free‏ For iPhone
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